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King William III of England and II of Scotland

William by Godfrey Kneller
Birth14.11.1650 in Binnenhof, The Hague
Death19.3.1702 in Kensington Palace, London (51 years)
FatherPrince William II of Orange
MotherPrincess Royal Mary of England
MarriageQueen Mary II of England, Scotland and Ireland
Wedding: 4.11.1677
ProfessionKing of England, Scotland and Ireland (13 February 1689 - 8 March 1702, co-monarch)
Stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Gelderland and Overijssel (4 July 1672 - 8 March 1702)
Prince of Orange (4 November 1650 - 8 March 1702)

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William by Godfrey Kneller
King William III of England and II of Scotland

(* 14.11.1650, O 4.11.1677, † 19.3.1702)
William II
Prince William II of Orange

(* 27.5.1626, O 2.5.1641, † 6.11.1650)
Mary by Bartholomeus van der Helst (background attributed to Johannes Lingelbach)
Princess Royal Mary of England

(* 4.11.1631, O 2.5.1641, † 24.12.1660)
King Charles II of England, Scotland and Ireland
King James II of England and VII of Scotland
Princess Henrietta of England
Charles I by Anthony van Dyck
King Charles I of Scotland and England

(* 19.11.1600, O 13.6.1625, † 30.1.1649)
Princess Elizabeth Stuart of Scotland and England, Queen consort of Bohemia
King James VI and I  by Daniel Mytens
King James VI of Scotland and I of England

(* 19.6.1566, O 20.8.1589, † 27.3.1625)
Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley
(* 7.12.1545, O 1565, † 10.2.1567)
Queen Mary I of Scotland
(* 8.12.1542, O 24.4.1558, O 1565, O 1567, † 8.2.1587)
Anne of Denmark by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger
Princess Anne of Denmark, Queen consort of Scotland and England

(* 12.12.1574, O 20.8.1589, † 2.3.1619)
Henrietta Maria by Anthony van Dyck
Princess Henrietta Maria of France, Queen consort of England, Scotland and Ireland

(* 25.11.1609, O 13.6.1625, † 10.9.1669)
King Louis XIII of France
Princess Elisabeth of France, Queen consort of Spain and Portugal
Princess Christine Marie of France
Henri IV by Frans Pourbus the Younger
King Henri IV of France

(* 13.12.1553, O 1600, † 14.5.1610)
Marie de' Medici, Queen consort of France and Navarre

(* 26.4.1575, O 1600, † 3.7.1642)

* Birth, ~ baptism, O wedding, X divorce, † death

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