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Princess Isabella of Parma

1758 - Isabella
Birth31.12.1741 in Buen Retiro Palace, Madrid, Spain
Death27.11.1763 in Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria (21 years)
FatherDuke Philip of Parma, Infante of Spain
MotherPrincess Louise Élisabeth of France
SiblingsDuke Ferdinand of Parma
Princess Maria Luisa of Parma, Queen consort of Spain
MarriageJoseph II, Holy Roman Emperor
Wedding: 10.1760

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Princess Isabella of Parma

(* 31.12.1741, O 10.1760, † 27.11.1763)
Duke Ferdinand of Parma
Princess Maria Luisa of Parma, Queen consort of Spain
Philip by Laurent Pécheux
Duke Philip of Parma, Infante of Spain

(* 15.3.1720, O 25.10.1739, † 18.7.1765)
King Carlos III of Spain
Infanta Mariana Victoria of Spain, Queen consort of Portugal
Philip V by Jean Ranc
King Philip V of Spain

(* 19.12.1683, O 12.9.1701, O 24.12.1714, † 9.7.1746)
Petit Dauphin Louis of France
Louis by Hyacinthe Rigaud
Grand Dauphin Louis of France

(* 1.11.1661, O 7.3.1680, † 14.4.1711)
King Louis XIV of France
(* 5.9.1638, O 9.6.1660, † 1.9.1715)
Duke Philippe I of Orléans
Infanta Maria Theresa of Spain and Portugal
(* 10.9.1638, O 9.6.1660, † 30.7.1683)
Maria Anna Victoria attributed to Jean François de Troy
Maria Anna Victoria of Bavaria

(* 28.11.1660, O 7.3.1680, † 20.4.1690)
Elisabeth by Louis-Michel van Loo
Princess Elisabeth Farnese of Parma, Queen consort of Spain

(* 25.10.1692, O 24.12.1714, † 11.7.1766)
Louise Élisabeth (posthumous) by Jean-Marc Nattier
Princess Louise Élisabeth of France

(* 14.8.1727, O 25.10.1739, † 6.12.1759)

* Birth, ~ baptism, O wedding, X divorce, † death

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