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Duchess Sophie in Bavaria

Birth28.10.1967 in Munich, Bavaria
FatherDuke Max-Emanuel in Bavaria
MotherCountess Elisabeth Douglas
MarriagePrince Alois of Liechtenstein
Wedding: 3.7.1993 in Vaduz
ChildrenPrince Joseph Wenzel of Liechtenstein
Princess Marie-Caroline of Liechtenstein
Prince Georg Antonius of Liechtenstein
Prince Nikolaus Sebastian of Liechtenstein

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Duchess Sophie in Bavaria
(* 28.10.1967, O 3.7.1993)
Duke Max-Emanuel in Bavaria
(* 21.1.1937, O 10.1.1967)
Duke Franz of Bavaria
Duke Albrecht of Bavaria
(* 3.5.1905, O 3.9.1930, † 8.7.1996)
Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria

(* 18.5.1869, O 10.7.1900, O 7.4.1921, † 2.8.1955)
King Ludwig III of Bavaria
(* 7.1.1845, O 20.2.1868, † 18.10.1921)
Prince Leopold of Bavaria
Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria-Este, Queen consort of Bavaria
(* 2.7.1849, O 20.2.1868, † 3.2.1919)
Marie Gabrielle
Duchess Marie Gabrielle in Bavaria

(* 9.10.1878, O 10.7.1900, † 24.10.1912)
Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria, Queen consort of the Belgians
Duke Karl Theodor in Bavaria
(* 9.8.1839, O 29.4.1874, † 30.11.1909)
Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria, Empress consort of Austria
Duchess Maria Sophie in Bavaria, Queen consort of the Two Sicilies
Duchess Mathilde Ludovika in Bavaria
Infanta Maria José of Portugal
(* 19.3.1857, O 29.4.1874, † 11.3.1943)
Infanta Maria Theresa of Portugal
Infanta Marie Anne of Portugal, Grand Duchess consort of Luxembourg
Infanta Maria Antonia of Portugal
Countess Maria Draskovich of Trakostjan
(* 8.3.1904, O 3.9.1930, † 10.6.1969)
Count Dionys Maria Draskovich of Trakostjan
Princess Juliana Rose of Montenuovo
Countess Elisabeth Douglas
(* 30.12.1940, O 10.1.1967)
Count Carl Ludvig Douglas
Ottora Maria Haas-Heye

* Birth, ~ baptism, O wedding, X divorce, † death

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