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Princess Charlotte Napoléone Bonaparte

Death2.3.1839 (36 years)
FatherKing José I Bonaparte of Spain
MotherMarie Julie Bonaparte, Queen consort of Spain née Clary
SiblingsPrincess Zénaïde Laetitia Julie Bonaparte
MarriageKing Louis II Bonaparte of Holland

Ancestors of Princess Charlotte Napoléone Bonaparte (3 of 3 generations) less
Siblings Pictures

Princess Charlotte Napoléone Bonaparte
(* 31.10.1802, † 2.3.1839)
Princess Zénaïde Laetitia Julie Bonaparte
José I by Jean-Baptiste Wicar
King José I Bonaparte of Spain

(* 7.1.1768, O 1.8.1794, † 28.7.1844)
Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte I of France, King of Italy
Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of Canino and Musignano
Grand Duchess Elisa Bonaparte of Tuscany
King Louis I Bonaparte of Holland
Pauline Bonaparte, Duchess of Guastalla
Caroline Bonaparte, Queen consort of Naples
King Jérôme I Bonaparte of Westphalia
Carlo Buonaparte

(* 1746, O 1764, † 24.2.1785)
Giuseppe Buonaparte
Maria Saveria Paravisini
Maria Letizia by Robert Lefèvre
Maria Letizia Buonaparte née Ramolino

(* 24.8.1750, O 1764, † 2.2.1836)
Giovanni Geronimo Ramolino
Angela Maria Pietrasanta
Marie Julie with daughters by François Pascal Simon Gérard
Marie Julie Bonaparte, Queen consort of Spain née Clary

(* 26.12.1771, O 1.8.1794, † 7.4.1845)
François Clary
Françoise Rose Somis

* Birth, ~ baptism, O wedding, X divorce, † death

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